How to Study during the CORONA LOCKDOWN?

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How to Study during the CORONA LOCKDOWN?

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Life has come to a standstill due to the Corona virus pandemic. The 21- day lockdown announced in the country has created fear among the people. As a precautionary measure, all educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities have been shut down. The pandemic has brought a halt to classes and lectures causing hampering of studies. Even exams have been postponed which would only be resumed after exams. Students can utilize this time period well to prepare for exams. As the government has issued instructions for virtual classes students can plan their daily schedule accordingly. A few tips on how students can study during this time period and come out in flying colours.

Study area- create a proper area in the house for study. The room should consist of a table and a straight-backed chair. Avoid studying on the bed as one feels sleepy and is unable to concentrate. The study area should be clutter-free. If ambiance is good one can study well.

Time Table- plan a time table for the day. Breaks, naps, hobbies should be a part of the time table as ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ ’A timer should be used to work properly.

Online Study- join online classes so that the syllabus can be covered. Several sites like Unacademy, Gradeup, Textbook, etc are helping students with free lectures. This will help a student with social distancing and completing the studies without any hindrance.

Hobby courses- since students can’t venture out several sites have come out with free courses like Artificial Intelligence, Photojournalism, Mass media writing, Food and Nutrition, Smaller children can join free art classes online, music learning, read e-books as several sites are giving them free, learn cooking, web -designing, etc

Active Studying- Question yourself before, during and after the completion of a chapter. This way one is engaged and well- focus on studies. One will keep improving one’s weaknesses while studying.

Proper study time- assign one proper time when you are mentally alert, some are morning larks and some the night owls so whatever suits keep that one timing. This will help in the retention of the subject learned.

Eat and sleep- eating a balanced diet minus junk food and taking proper 8-hour sleep will help in keeping the body fresh.
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Re: How to Study during the CORONA LOCKDOWN?

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Online study is the best way to study in this pandemic. We all know that this (online study) is the future of our country and the whole world.
Even many institutions, coachings provide online study materials so that anyone can obtain the knowledge at the comfort and safety of the home.
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