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Appearing for board exams is a gateway to one’s future dreams. The board exams are held at the higher secondary(10th) and Intermediate (12th ) level. These board exams help to assess a student’s ability to understand the concepts taught in class, their sincerity, diligence and sense of responsibility.

Everything has its own pros and cons and the board exams too have their pros and cons. First and foremost let’s discuss the pros of having board exams-
    The board exams help in chalking out the future of a student
      The exam marks help a student in choosing his career stream
        College admissions depend on the marks obtained in the board exams
          Appearing for the class 10thboard exams is a student’s maiden debut to appear for an external nationalised exam
            Doing well in the board exams boosts a student’s self-confidence. If they manage to get a rank in the boards they are felicitated by the school and get instant fame in their city.
              Students appearing for the class12th board exams manage to get good practice for competitive exams for which they will be appearing after their 12th boards.
                Students procure scholarships based on their performance in 10th &12th boards
                  Students wanting to study abroad get an edge with their board performance as foreign universities take into consideration the profile and board marks of the student.

                  We have seen the pros of the board exams but a coin has two sides so some cons are there, they are-
                    Board exams cause a lot of mental pressure
                      Students develop depression and anxiety
                        Due to cut-throat competition students instead of enjoying school life tend to remain on tenter hooks to procure good grades
                          These boards create both peer & parental pressure among students which may lead to bad performance in the board exams
                            Students can’t feel scared of being judged if they fare badly and sometimes develop suicidal tendencies
                              Board exam pressure could lead to psychiatric problems among students and may require counselling.

                              Students should face the boards with a happy and relaxed countenance to score well.
                              Dr PREETI TALWAR
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